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We were proud to create Boston Scientific’s Monster Fix mobile app, a corporate social responsibility app for public health education. This app was not only entertaining but also charitable. It educated users on healthy behaviors and prevention techniques for various health issues, depicted by cartoon monsters, while also allowing users to earn points through games on the app which were converted into donations to “Doctors of the World,” a non-governmental organization (NGO).

This edutainment app surpassed initial goals; it was downloaded over 27,000 times, and awarded 30 million points to users. These points were then converted into a cash donation of US$90K and US$265K medical devices to the medical NGO.

We created a seamless and engaging user experience, from designing the cute and quirky monsters, to developing the app’s functionality and ensuring smooth performance across different devices. We were thrilled to have played a part in promoting health awareness and supporting a great cause through the Monster Fix app.

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